Oppression Olympics



The Oppression Olympics is where you argue about which group has it worse – as if there were some kind of special prize for the “winner”.

For example, in the US, do gays have it worse than Blacks? Do Blacks have it worse than Asians? Black men or Black women? What about Muslims, Natives, and trans women? The Irish? Jews? Or what about White middle-aged working-class men – whose life expectancy has been going down and who favour Trump?

It is a common derailment: People who do not want to hear about the injustice done to your group will make it about their group or some other group. “All Lives Matter.” “The Irish had it hard too!” “What about … ?” Etc.

But sometimes it is seriously meant. There is more than enough injustice to go round and people tend to think that done against their own group is the…

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